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This is why you always make a promise to sexy cam girls

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It just seems to be one of those days and I am just hoping that it can come to an end so I can just get a little time to myself. I’ve been counting down the seconds until that happens but I am also trying my best to keep it together as well, why is it when you want to be alone the total opposite happens?

My cock has been in desperate need of a live cam session and of course when I find a girl that wants it right here I get visitors that just don’t seem to want to leave. I’m well aware that it is that time of the year when that happens but I am also reaching my breaking limit and any minute now I am going to burst.

I will try my best to be nice and polite but I can’t make any promises, at least not to them, however, I will make a promise to this sweet cam girl that I am going to give her my all just as soon as we can be alone together!

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