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If she only realized who I was she might just burst!

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A few years ago I was dating this smoking hot chick and while she was a little on the psycho side she could fuck and fuck like nothing I’d ever seen before. She could suck the bolts out of a submarine and she’d still be ready for more. She certainly wasn’t the type of girl that you would take home to meet your parents and yet she was the best girlfriend that I’ve ever had.

I always wondered what happened to her and trust me I’d tried a few times to reconnect with her and yet I always came up empty-handed. Just imagine my surprise when I happened to find her in all place doing her thing at Livejasmin cams. At first, I had to do a double and then a triple take but I am 100% sure it is her. It might seem like a dick move but for the moment I am not going to tell her who I am, what I am going to do is watch her go for it on live sex cams and when the moment calls for it I might just spill the beans and say hello.

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